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A solution to poor router signal
Latest company news about A solution to poor router signal

Some people joked that the basic needs of people nowadays are water, food and wireless WiFi. As a habit of playing mobile phones before going to bed, I am naturally no exception, but because of all the rooms, the room where I sleep is the furthest away from the room where the router is installed, and there are several walls in between. Therefore, I have been stuck with the problem of poor router signal. If the signal strength to my room can be enhanced directionally, the problem will naturally be solved. Is there any good way?


If your router can disassemble the antenna, you can naturally replace it with a better directional antenna, but because many cheap routers cannot disassemble the antenna, many people choose to work with existing antennas, including making parabolic reflectors with cans. The way. Although this method can make the antenna have a certain directivity, it is necessary to adjust the cans in order to achieve the best effect, so that the antenna can be located at the focus position of the parabola. Is there a simpler and better way to adjust?

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