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Antenna classification
Latest company news about Antenna classification

Directional antennas are commonly used in point-to-point systems, sometimes at the far end of point-to-multipoint systems, and are recommended if you want to connect two different locations.Directional antennas mainly include: backshot antenna, flat plate antenna, Yagi antenna, parabolic antenna and so on.


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Omnidirectional antenna This kind of antenna is usually used in the network used by the central point in a point-to-multipoint system, or in your car.An omnidirectional antenna acts as a central antenna to provide signals to other computers or devices (e.g., wireless printers, PDAs, etc.).You can also use two omnidirectional antennas to build a point-to-point system, which is usually not recommended because the signal is not concentrated and the effect is very poor.Common omnidirectional antennas are: vertical omnidirectional, suction top antenna, rubber duck tip antenna, table top antenna and mobile vertical antenna.



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