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company news about Forecast of the future development of antenna technology

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Forecast of the future development of antenna technology
Latest company news about Forecast of the future development of antenna technology

From the perspective of wireless network development trends and various challenges faced by operators, the future development of antenna technology will follow the following directions.


⑴The size of the antenna is miniaturized

The miniaturization of the antenna is to reduce the size of the antenna under the condition that the performance of the antenna is basically unchanged. Miniaturization is a basic technology and an eternal development direction for antennas.


⑵Multi-standard network common antenna feed application

In the future, multiple formats will share one ultra-wideband antenna. Not only will the antenna working frequency band cover multiple formats, but also each format can be independently adjusted according to the different requirements of the system. The application of multi-standard antennas will save site construction costs and antenna resources, and flexibly meet the network coverage requirements of each standard.


⑶The antenna function model develops towards the direction of intelligent function

In the future, the antenna will realize intelligent beamforming, beam pointing control, beam splitting and remote control, which can flexibly meet the application requirements of various scenarios. Through the intelligentization of antennas, the interoperability between systems and the optimal utilization of resources are realized, and finally an intelligent operation and maintenance method is realized.


⑷The connection of antenna and radio frequency module has developed from separate to centralized



In the future, centralized equipment will replace separate equipment, optical fibers will replace cables, and antennas and main equipment will be miniaturized, integrated and fully integrated to achieve space saving and flexible deployment, and adapt to the development trend of network flatness.

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