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Learn about car antennas
Latest company news about Learn about car antennas

The appearance of the car is still very important, sometimes we will see the roof of the car will have an antenna, looks like a shark fin device, also more beautiful.

What's the use of an antenna on a car?

Usually used to receive FM signals for use by the car's FM radio. Some of the antennas we can't see are hidden on the front windshield, but the effect is the same.

Some radio enthusiasts also like to install enhanced radio antennas in their cars, usually on the trunk and hatchback doors.

There are also vehicle-mounted antennas for special purposes, such as those on police cars and the shark fin antennas on BMW cars, which also have aerodynamic effects of air flow.


Latest company news about Learn about car antennas



Some car antennas are exposed to the air all the year round, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration are the designer to consider the problem, but also to consider the impact on the safety of the car and the impact of noise.


The length of the car antenna is also controlled, the longest is only about 1M, we also found that some antennas are close to the car body, the length is less than 1cm.


Sometimes according to the needs of the car multimedia, will also be installed in a car multiple car antennas, which should consider their interference, as well as the overall beauty of the vehicle.


Hidden antennas are widely used in cars, with the advantage of long service life and no need to worry about damage. Based on the electric heating wire of the rear window, we can arrange multiple antennas, which can better suppress signal interference and provide better signal receiving effect.

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